If Love Should End

Let us say that our love should end.

Lets pretend that this could be.

What then would become of me?

This is what I thought.

Though highly unlikely, it’s possible

that I would go my own way,

and find joy I would not have known

if you had chosen to stay.

But chances are,
if the day should come
when you would feel
your need for me was gone…
the sky would fall,
the world turn black,
and life as I know it would end.

I would dwell for awhile on the memories.
The never-ending tears would dry my thirsting soul.
My heart would turn cold.

Then, time would stand still in my mind,

and in time, my heart would still.

Then, will you ask, why did our love end?
Will you pretend that it had not?
Will you wish you had thought it through?
What, then, will become of you?

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