The spoken word is powerful, but I think the written word can be far more compelling. I hesitate to read my writing aloud for fear that you might not experience it as I experienced it. To assume I used a word just because it rhymed is to mock its presence.

Today, I look back at something I wrote almost twenty years ago and I remember… the tears, the hurt… I remember how it felt to be at the very bottom, where hope was reserved for the healthy and happiness was only for the rich. I see how far I’ve come and I know I must never go back.

Audio:    The DREW MARSHALL Show

Audio: The Verdict

Audio: Thy Will
Click here to play ThyWill

Audio:  Killing Time
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  1. Anonymous
    Aug 21, 2010

    i like your thoughts..

  2. Marcella Cross
    Oct 18, 2010

    One poetry reading isn’t much to Listen to, I know, but I’ll get my mic set up eventually. This not-being-able-to-walk crap is really becoming a pain.

  3. Marcella
    May 12, 2011

    “Can you direct the movement of the stars— binding the cluster of the Pleiades or loosening the cords of Orion? Can you direct the sequence of the seasons or guide the Bear with her cubs across the heavens?”
    Job 38:31-32

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