I write poetry, but I am not a polished poet. My writing is not for English majors to study and tear apart. I don’t insist on trochaic meters. Iambic pentameters make me dizzy. Couplets are rare. Enjambments are entirely coincidental.

For those who think scansion is an art,
you cannot observe it here. In part,
I have emptied out my wasted soul
and dispensed the grief that took its toll…

…but my verse has no method. I did not write for you or anyone else. On a finished tree, I crucified my pain and—like the fading spirit who preaches to a nodding shrink—I was forced to realise for myself. You are welcome to venture into my thoughts, but I cannot promise you will walk away having gained some new understanding or insight because, I write poetry, yes, but I am not a polished poet…

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  1. Marcella
    May 1, 2012

    I dont know what your saying

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